Chargement en cours

Parrot, un monde d'innovation au coeur de Paris.


Imagine and create a world without constraints,
this is the technological challenge that our candidates   
should be ready to face when joining Parrot.    
Research and Development is the largest department within Parrot,      
employing over 400 employees.         

Commercial & Marketing

       Parrot DNA is based on innovation which isn’t only led by our engineers
     but also by our sales and marketing teams.

Supply chain

        Parrot is a fabless company, meaning
       that all our production is outsourced to Asia  
    mostly and sent to France as components to be assembled.    
  Within our teams in Paris, the Supply Chain      
department is the link between our        
subcontractors and our customers.          

Administrative Roles

      At Parrot, administrative functions
    help support the innovative and
   operational dynamism of the technical teams
by providing the necessary means to carry out their projects.