Mechanical Design

The Mechanical Design department's activities break down into two parts: industrial design and mechanical engineering.


The industrial designer imagines and creates future public and professional drones and accessories to solve users' problems. He or she takes into account functional and aesthetic factors as well as compliance with industrial requirements. By being creative, mastering sketching and drafting, he or she helps develop the best product concepts.


The mechanical design engineer works hand-in-hand with the designer. He or she solves integration and operation problems, designs the product's mechanics using computer-aided design tools, and tests and leads product development with subcontractors based primarily in Asia. Their knowledge of materials' properties, plastic injection and other industrial processes make it an essential link to innovation at Parrot.


The Mechanical Design team works with the project manager and marketing in identifying specifications, with the various development teams during product development (such as hardware, signal processing, automation, and purchasing) and finally with the industrialisation teams based in China and approval teams during the industrialisation phase.